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Meet the Founders

Sisters and founders, Sharon and Suzanne (picture far left and far right) volunteering at the annual 'Life Rolls On' surfing event in Carolina Beach.

Our Story

When our hair began to gray in our early 20s, we (sisters and STG founders Suzanne and Sharon) decided to embrace it rather than hide it. We’d always been adventurous kids, and while adulthood and our careers took us in different directions, we found we had that same adventurous spirit when we got together.

Then the pandemic came, and as fate would have it, we ended up spending the first few months of the lockdown under the same roof. There was only so much Tiger King we could watch, so we spent much of our time fondly recalling past escapades and embracing new (socially-distanced) adventures. And in the midst of this, the idea for Seize the Gray was born!

We design Seize the Gray products to champion the power of living your life authentically rather than worrying about changing trends or societal expectations. We know that Seizing the Gray means embracing your journey, no matter the shade–and knowing that the color of your hair has nothing to do with your passion and boldness, your zest for new adventures, and your sense of wonder. We are wholeheartedly seizing our gray and hope you will join us.

With love,


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